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Are Plumbing Inspections Important?

You bet they are. The great American dream of home ownership can be exciting, but it comes with a lot of responsibility. An annual plumbing inspection by a professional plumber will protect your home from the need for surprise repairs and the expense they incur.

If you’re buying a home or condo, a plumbing inspection before you buy is just as necessary as a home inspection. It’s the only way you will know the real condition of what you are buying.

Experienced plumbers with Your Brand Plumbing know what details to look for and enjoy advising homeowners about the easy general maintenance they can do that will keep their plumbing problem free.

Your Brand Plumbing inspectors know exactly what plumbing issues to look for and can usually do the job in a few hours. If you’re ready for a full home plumbing inspection, call us a call at 305-000-0000. We offer first-time costumers a $50 discount!

What is our plumber looking for in a Home Plumbing Inspection?

Leaks in Pipes, Connections, and Fixtures

Leaks in Plumbing Pipes, Connections, and Fixtures

These can also reveal weaknesses in fittings or potential damage caused by utilities such as dripping from an AC on pipes or water heaters.

rusted plumbing

Age of the Pipes and Their Materials

Plumbing Pipes Inspection

It is advisable to replace or reline pipes that are 60 years or older. If they are cast iron, then corrosion is a major issue that can be easily repaired with relining.

Water Pressure

Water Pressure Plumbing Inspection

Home plumbing fixtures are designed to operate under 80 psi. When incoming pressure is above 80 psi, there is a risk of blowing out washers, creating leaks, or wasting water. In the case of low water pressure, our plumbers can determine the cause and recommend remedies. Most homeowners take good water pressure for granted until they start a much needed shower only to feel a trickle of water. Yep, that’s due to low water pressure. Excessive high pressure, on the other hand, can stress to plumbing joints, supply lines, and faucets, and cause damage throughout the entire plumbing system. This illustration shows examples of water pressure flow.

residential water pressure ill

Laundry Supply Lines

Laundry Supply Lines Plumbing Inspection

Failure in supply lines to washing machines is the #1 insurance claim. The black rubber hose used by most washers can begin to bubble and eventually burst after several years of constant pressure. That failure can happen at any time, usually when the homeowner is away. To avoid such surprises, our plumbers replace the black supply line with a stainless steel braided supply line.


Toilet Plumbing Inspection

camera Clogged ToiletOur indispensable toilet can be a water-wasting culprit with hefty water bill consequences. This common problem is caused by water sneaking by the flapper. Our plumber will dye test your toilet to determine if the problem exists. A new inexpensive flapper is easily fixed. You’re probably saying, “I can do that myself.” Yes, you can, so dye testing a toilet is one of our homeowner maintenance recommendations.

Water Heater

Water Heater Inspection

Hot water tanks can be a very dangerous appliance if they are not connected properly. Your Brand Plumbing checks this critical part of your plumbing comfort. First, to ensure that the water heater is correctly plumbed than to be sure there are no signs of potential failure.

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