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Your Brand Plumbing believes proactive inspection is a homeowners first line of defense for preventing plumbing or water heater problems. There are simple water heater inspections that homeowners should perform regularly. These can make the difference between a simple do-it-yourself fix and a major repair. However, because of the complexity of water heater construction, we advise homeowners when an inspection is best left to us. Always call us at 305-000-0000 with any and all concerns.

3 heaters image1) Sudden loss of hot water
Is your hot water output consistent? A sudden drop in hot water supply could be a problem with the burner, or it could be sediment build up in the tank bottom.

2) Leaking drain valve
Inspect the water heater drain valve for leaks. Periodic draining will prevent many problems, including leaks. Draining removes sludge and/or mineral deposits that can accumulate at the bottom of the water heater tank. Draining can extend the life of electric and gas-fired hot water heaters. Neglecting drains can make them difficult to open or worse, the drain won’t close.

Water heater leaks can also be caused by improper installation or mechanical damage. An example of incorrect installation is water tank installed horizontally or in a hole in a crawl space. This heater installation violates the manufacturer’s guidelines. The position may be dangerous and can cause early water heater failure.

3) Noises
Gurgling sounds are often signal sediment built up at the bottom of the tank. Sediment build-up can be prevented with regular tank flushing.

Hissing noises are generally due to mineral scale or lime build-up on the heating elements. Scale forming on electric water heater elements can also cause water heater element failure, or reduced water heater output. Repair requires a professional plumber to remove, inspect, and clean the electrodes. Call Your Brand Plumbing if you are observing a hissing sounds.

4) Smells
Rotten egg odors near or coming from the water heater may be caused by bacterial contamination or a failing hot water heating tank sacrificial anode. These can happen if the heater has been left shut off and out of use for two weeks or more.

5) Pipes & Valves
Check the pipes and valves connected to the water heater for leaks, support, and for proper location of shutoffs. An improperly installed shutoff valve on a water heater can be very dangerous with a risk for an explosion. The “hot water tank shutoff valve” should be installed only on the cold water pipe coming into the water heater. There should be no shutoff valve on the hot water line leaving the water tank.

Check the water heater temperature/pressure relief valve. Look for evidence of leaks, corrosion, or improper installation. If the water heater relief valve is dripping or leaking, it’s best to call our professional team for quick repair.

6) High water pressure
Often a simple adjustment to the pressure reducing relief valve will solve this problem. Other causes are:
• A closed hot water piping system.
• Modified, blocked, missing, or leaky pressure relief valve.
Since these problems are hazardous, it’s best to call Your Brand Plumbing for professional inspection and repair.

7) Burn marks
Check the base of the water heater for burn marks. Burn marks are a symptom of back drafting, which is a safety issue. This requires a more sophisticated water heater inspection and repair. Call Your Brand Plumbing for professional repair right away.

8) Temperature
Check the temperature settings on the water heater. Because the controls are different for various heaters, this inspection is best left to a professional plumber like Your Brand Plumbing. If the heating element has burned out on a single electric water heater element, there will be no hot water at all. On a dual heating element electric water heater, not enough hot water can be traced to a burned-out lower element. Plenty of “warm” water that is never very hot can be caused by a burned-out upper water heater element.

9) Sacrificial anodes
Water corrosion is common but preventable with an anode. Anodes are composed of magnesium or zinc and will likely corrode the tank begins to corrode. Once this anode is completely gone or is removed, the tank will start to corrode. Replacing an anode is simple and will increase the life span of the water heater. However, replacing anodes is not a DIY procedure. A professional inspection by Your Brand Plumbing will monitor and provide anode replacement.

10) Garage installation
Water heaters installed in garages are subject to many restrictions. These installations need to be placed on a platform a minimum of 18 inches off the floor with a crash barrier.

11) Gas line shut off
Gas water heaters can be immediately shut off using the gas shut off valve. This valve is also shut off during service or repair. A tiny turn of the valve will determine that it is not frozen shut.

12) Gas water heater baffle
Gas water heaters have a baffle Inside the tank vent. The baffle increases the efficiency of the burning process by deflecting heat to the tank. If the baffle falls into the flames at the base of the water heater carbon monoxide can build up. Carbon monoxide is an undetectable hazard. Owners of gas water heaters should have annual inspections by Your Brand Plumbing technicians.

13) Tankless water heaters
Because of their complexity, tankless water heaters require professional installation and inspection. Call Your Brand Plumbing at 305-000-0000 if you are considering a tankless water heater. We will review your premises and electrical installations then advise you accordingly.

Your Brand Plumbing is available 24/7/365 for emergency inspection, repair and installation of all water heaters.

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